After-Hours Veterinarian

In an effort to improve access to veterinary care for all of our patients, we have arranged services with a Canadian Telemedicine company called Smart.Vet. Smart.Vet allows you to speak with a Registered Veterinary Technician whenever you call 705-645-3077 outside of regular business hours. The technician can speak with you to arrange the level of care that your pet requires, and will then facilitate a telemedicine appointment with one of the licensed veterinarians at Smart.Vet. If your pet requires critical in-person intervention, the technician will refer you to the appropriate emergency clinic.

​We are doing our best to provide your pet with the best care that we can. Partnering with Smart.Vet will hopefully give you peace of mind knowing there is a Registered Veterinary Technician only a phone call away.

If you require veterinary care, prescriptions, or supplies for your pet that are not available through our online store, PLEASE call us first.

If it is determined that your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian, we will schedule an appointment. Some cases may be suitable for a telemedicine option, instead.

When visiting either of our locations, please TEXT or CALL US to let us know you have arrived.