Separation Anxiety in Puppies and Dogs

While many dogs are quite happy to be left alone at home while we are at work or play, others may become distressed when we leave. Affected animals may bark, potty indoors, and/or chew destructively. Some dogs may not leave physical evidence of their stress, but may instead tremble, pant, whine, or drool excessively. Severely […]

Ear Mites in a Cat’s Ear

  The picture to the left was taken through the eyepiece of our microscope. It shows a group of ear mites taken by a swab of a cat’s ear. The arrows are pointing to some. They are so tiny; magnification is needed to see them. The brownish debris seen near the mites is mite poop. […]

How many puppies can you count on this dog’s radiograph?

A full-term pregnancy for a dog usually lasts 63 days. At 42 days of pregnancy, the skeletons of the fetuses start to calcify and can just be seen on a radiograph (“x-ray”). By 50-55 days of pregnancy, they are sufficiently visible to be able to count skulls and spines to try to determine litter number. How […]

Foreign Object in a Cat’s Intestine

  This cat started to vomit and did not want to eat. His owner brought him in within 24 hours of this happening, and we examined him and took abdominal radiographs (“x-rays”). The brighter white irregular object outlined by the circle in the radiograph to the left turned out to be a plastic piece from […]