Surgical Services

Surgery can improve and save your pet’s life when you have the right team in the operating room. We are committed to ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being during surgeries at our hospitals. Our staff has years of experience performing surgeries with excellent results.

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What surgical procedures are offered at your hospitals?

Our veterinarians perform various surgeries that include both routine and advanced procedures. We offer the following surgeries:

  1. Spays and neuters
  2. Orthopedic
  3. Foreign body removal
  4. Bladder stone removal
  5. Cesarean sections and other soft tissue procedures

Occasionally we may refer our patients to board-certified veterinary surgeons to perform complex procedures. Please see our vet referrals page for more information.

How is my loyal companion kept safe during surgery?

All surgeries have risks, but our team does everything to minimize those risks. At Centennial Animal Hospital and Gravenhurst Veterinary Services, we follow strict protocols before, during, and after all procedures. The first step we take to avoid complications is to perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork. By checking your pet’s blood, we can determine if they are healthy to undergo the procedure and how much anesthesia is a safe dosage for them. Two types of anesthesia may be used: local or general. General anesthesia renders your pet unconscious, and local anesthesia numbs the area where the incision is made.

During the surgery, your loyal companion is monitored at all times. A registered veterinary technician uses a special monitor to assess your pet’s heart rate, blood oxygenation, body temperature and blood pressure. By monitoring these vital signs, we can intervene at the first sign of problems.

What happens after surgery?

Patient monitoring continues even after the surgery is completed. We want to ensure your pet is completely well once the anesthesia wears off. We’ll prescribe pain medication once we’ve checked your pet and determine they can continue recovery at home. Our team will tell you how to care for your pet and how to deal with any symptoms that may arise.

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