At Centennial Animal Hospital and Gravenhurst Veterinary Services, we are proud to offer a wide range of animal services to your loyal companion. We also guarantee that when your pet needs a service that we don’t offer, we’ll refer them to a clinic or specialist that can help with their condition. A referred specialist has specialized training, equipment and is also board-certified. You can always expect high-quality and friendly service from the professionals we partner with.

We currently refer patients to veterinary ophthalmologists, behaviourists, oncologists, dermatologists, surgeons, neurologists and dentists. These specialists are located in the Greater Toronto Area or at the veterinary college in Guelph. The majority of your pet’s needs will be met at our clinics (diagnosis), and treatment will continue with the specialists. We still make an effort to be involved in your pet’s treatment by staying in contact with the surgeon and sending all the necessary documents for your pet’s treatment. Our referral process was created to ensure that none of our patients miss out on the treatment they need, even if we don’t offer those services.

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